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Travelling is more exсiting with us. We are available for everyone in everywhere. Our travel professionals save you time and money. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find the information you are looking for.

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MUREX DESTINATIONS TOURS LLC is the best guide for your travelling. Our agency will start new tours according to our customer wants...

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Private Guide Tour

In private guide tour MUREX DESTINATIONS TOURS LLC supports our travelers with all ground services by your very own personal guide, with a private vehicle and driver. It is the simple way into greater flexibility, better comfort and personalized service so you can experience that you have always dreamt of it to be. Don't miss the moment there are.

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Sea or other lakes Tour 2019

Sea Tours run unique and exciting Marine life safaris and coastal trips. Each tour provides a truly fascinating and fun way of discovering the local seal population, coastal areas with panoramic views as well as learning of local history and fascinating legends around The Sea.

Your business can get advice and other touristic help from MUREX DESTINATIONS TOURS LLC . Enter your details and select the type of support you need. …

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